Sant Chamatkari College of Nursing

Founder Message

We are an institution that is committed to creating the Nightingales of the future, to care for the suffering millions in this world of ours. Inspired by the generosity of sant chamtkari , the God of Mercy, we have built an institution of nursing that sensitizes the young to the needs of the people around to serve them in a selfless manner. If you wish to make a difference to the world, we will help you in your endeavour in every possible way.


Mrs. Krishan Gaur

Chairman Message

In our country, Providing medical facilities to alter the people is a big challenge and to face this challenge well educated and efficient medical staff is the primary need and We are an institution that is committed to created the nightingales of the future, to care for the suffering millions in this world of ours. The Specialized courses of B.SC(N) & Post Basic BSC(N), ANM, G.N.M(F) Obviously turn out as alternative carrier opportunity to the girl student who wish to acquire educational qualification foe employment with a factor of service to mankind.

The main objectives of these courses are to prepare nurses for first level position in the nursing both in hospital and the community. It is necessary to develop a deep pride in the nursing profession among the students to enable further professional growth. The chamatkari sant ji collage of nursing has introduced ANM, GNM, B.SC(N), P.B.BSC(N) with the basic idea that nursing Students acquiring sound educational & clinical Training. Will definitely uplift the standard of Para-medical -staff in the health sector as well as enhance job opportunities to the girl students rendering them to live a graceful life of self dependency.


Mr. Pawan Kumar

Principal Message

Welcome to theWebsite of shri chamatkari santji college of nursing an institute where excellence us tradition

At Shri Chamatkari Santji Collage of Nursing webekine that each Faculty is special and we import format education with a difference even as we work within the constraints of traditional university system. Through carefully crafted interaction and activities within and outside the classroom, We provide experiences that help the students to discover innate capabilities, self Lifelong goals and work towards their fulfillment. We help students to acquire knowledge skills and as well as to cope with emerging problems independently

There is nothing more rewarding than a patient giving thanks and telling you much you have helped them with increase of nurse’s contribution to improve healthcare, We are in position to demonstrate our professional leadership. I request you to take this opportunity and explore the facilities and opportunities, We have for you. Iwish you a fruitful stay in the college


Mrs. Manju